“Big brand names to affordable budget tyres..”

Premium and Economy Tyres

At Motortech we offer a range of tyres from premium manufacturers including Continental, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Hankook.

Our ranges included both premium and budget tyres depending upon your preference.

Premium brand tyres consistently out perform their cheaper rivals,

and offer improved grip, wear and increase fuel efficiency.

For those with a smaller budget, our range of economy tyres still meet all the European safety standards,

and may be a better option for lower mileage clients.

Winter Tyres

During winter when the temperature start dropping, and climatic conditions getting worse, everything needs extra care, your vehicle too.

Give your vehicle an extra protection, and an assurance of your safety by swapping your normal tyres into winter tyres.

Even though winter tyres are not a legal requirement in the UK, they are highly recommended for use during cold, wet and snowy conditions.

4×4 Tyres

For 4×4 tyres look no further than us to provide a high quality range from all the leading manufacturers at an affordable price.

We supply and fit all types of 4×4 tyres to handle many different terrains such as mud, sand, snow and of course roads for the luxury 4×4 family vehicles.

Van & Commercial Tyres

Commercial vehicles such as vans, trucks, tractors and excavators will often have to handle heavy loads over long distances and all types of terrain, and at Celtic Tyres you can enjoy all these benefits with our top quality commercial tyre ranges.

Our technicians can analyse your requirements and determine the best tyres for your business vehicles, and professionally fit them.

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